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Not Necessarily Colorado Mountains


Not Colorado Mountains

An Article About Things that Aren't Colorado Mountains. 

This is a very small article about some things that aren't Colorado mountains. There are a few things that I want to mention, the first is skydiving. I think skydiving is a really good thing to do when you are feeling stressed. There is a sense of overwhelming calm when your body is falling from the clouds without anything to stop it. 

Colorado Purple Sunrise

Crestone Peak in Winter
Crestone in Winter
Crestone Peak is one of the most challenging Colorado Hikes and is especially so in the winter.

Colorado Orange Sunrise
Different Colorado Photo
This is most certainly a new photo that you have never seen on any page on the demo site before.

Crestone peak in summer
Crestone Peak in the Summer
Crestone Peak is one of the most challenging mountains to climb. For a while it was believed that no human could climb it. 

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